Hello, Pythonistas! We are HENNGE and we are thrilled to be a part of PyCon JP once again! Our product, HENNGE One, is a leading cloud security service in Japan, enabling customers to adopt flexible work environments and safely harness the power of the cloud from any location. With cloud security taken care of, you can focus on achieving results by working smartly. We continuously bridge the gap between tomorrow's ideas and today's real-world needs through SaaS. Together with you, we are striving to inspire change in the world through the liberation of technology. Python Engineers wanted!

ChuraDATA Inc.

ちゅらデータは、『最高に面白い仕事』を沖縄に創りたい!という想いのもと創業しました。 ちゅらデータでは、受託分析・アプリケーション開発・データ基盤構築・データ分析研修など様々な事業を行っており、その多くで Python が使われています。 沖縄で最先端かつやりがいのある仕事を一緒にやっていってくれる Python エンジニアの方を積極採用しています!


Microsoft Japan K.K. is the Japanese subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is enabling digital transformation in the era of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge. "Microsoft's corporate mission is "Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Based on this corporate mission, Microsoft Japan aims to become a company that "contributes to social transformation in Japan through innovative and reliable intelligent technologies.


Python Engineer Development Association

We originated to authorize tests and learning materials, which serve as guidelines for study, in addition to schools in order to support the training of sound Python programmers who understand Pythonic as the market for the language grows.

Slack Technologies, LLC

Connect, simplify, and automate your work with Slack apps! The Slack Developer Relations team helps you build for your team or millions of Slack users. Discover what the platform makes possible & recent API changes at https://api.slack.com/

Japan System Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Japan System Laboratory Co.,Ltd. (JSL) has been developing in Nagano centering on Web operations centered on Python and AWS, aiming to be a company that continues to attract the attention of society with “technical power x human power”. We are also focusing on the latest development of rapidly changing front ends. We operate a coworking space, GEEKLAB.NAGANO, to actively disseminate information to the outside world. GEEKLAB.NAGANO holds study sessions for engineers interested in new technologies such as Python, Django, AWS, IoT, and front end.

iRidge, Inc.

iRidge, Inc. provides solutions of web services and smartphone applications with "Tech Tomorrow" as our mission. We use Python/Django for our products such as O2O/OMO solution 'FANSHIP', development tool for voice assistant 'NOID', and the script improvement tool to support backend operation. We actively sponsors technical conferences and holds in-house study sessions. Development Environment - ES6, TypeScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Storybook, GraphQL - Python, Django, Docker, Go - AWS(ECS, etc..), Terraform, Datadog, Pagerduty, GitLab/CI.

WED, Inc.

Our philosophy is "Pursue the future of consumption". WED, Inc. is developing businesses related to consumption such as "ONE", a mobile app that enables users to sell their receipts instantly. The app passed 1.7 million downloads and had 100 million receipts uploaded. It collects a huge amount of consumption data from users. We support our clients in marketing.In 2020, we also released “Zero” with MARUI GROUP. It is an application for shopping malls, and they can manage their tenants’ sales easily. We will optimize consumption. The consumer market will be more efficient and more effective by it.

JX Press Corporation

JX 通信社は、【データインテリジェンス】を武器とした新しい報道機関です。 報道価値の高いニュースを、AI が圧倒的スピードで速報する総ダウンロード数 500 万件の社会派ニュースアプリ「NewsDigest」、 SNS をはじめとする各種ビッグデータから、リスク情報を検知・配信する「FASTALERT」 (国内の大半の報道機関や政府・自治体が導入) を主事業とし、最近は自動電話調査ソリューション「JX 通信社 情勢調査」も展開しています。 当社は、共にビジョンを実現する Python エンジニアや機械学習のスペシャリストを募集しております。 弊社に興味がある方、ぜひお問い合わせください!

Kurusugawa Computer Inc.

Kusugawa Computer Inc. is a AI/ML venture company to develops technologies and services for automated driving, healthcare and robotics. Our engineers loves a culture called "Hack Ourselves". It means not only working but also developing tools that reinforce our own productivity. The culture produce great tools that are loved by engineers. One such tool is ANNOFAB, a cloud-based annotation tool for efficiently creating high-quality annotations. We are looking for researchers, engineers, designers, managers and producers to develop our products. Join us and creating the future of AI/ML together!

Fignny Co.,Ltd.

We are a total-application-developer of WebApp, MobileApp,3D/CG,xR. https://fignny.co.jp ◇Our Products VR tower-defence-like game MagicStoneGuardians (on Stream) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1708750/Magic_Stone_Guardians/ AR game for training a virtual pet PocketPet (iOS/Android) https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/pocket-pet/id1525670195 We are hiring all kind of engineers as Python, Rust, Unity, TypeScript, CG,etc. pls contact me from https://wantedly.com

Uzabase, Inc.

Under our mission of "We guide business people to insights that change the world, Uzabase is the operator of services that include company and industry information platform "SPEEDA" and social business media "NewsPicks" and B2B Customer strategy platform "FORCAS".

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Japan

We believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives and thriving communities, and have kept people well at every age and every life stage. As the world's largest health care company, we strive to create healthier communities and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. We are blending our heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. We are growing in a data-driven way and looking for data scientists to our team. YOU will be the pioneer to deliver products and services.


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