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PyCon JP 2021

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What is PyCon JP?
PyCon is a conference for Python users to gather, exchange information and interact with Python and software using Python. Through PyCon JP, the goal is to gather Python users together, exchange knowledge and information on various fields related to Python, connect with new friends and communities, and increase work and business opportunities.



PyCon JP 2021 invites two people as keynotes. Don't miss the opportunity to hear valuable presentation!

2021.10.15 13:30 -

In 2016, he encountered Python and was awakened to data analysis.
Only two years later, he published a book titled "Statistical Analysis with Python(Japanese title: Understanding the Basics of Statistical Analysis with Python)".
In 2020, he became a professional Shogi player, and is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo.
With his motto "Do what you enjoy with your whole heart", he goes on another journey to satisfy his curiosity.

2021.10.16 10:30 -
Brandt Bucher

Brandt is a Python core developer currently working at Microsoft on a team tasked with improving the speed of the CPython interpreter.
He has been officially involved in CPython development for over two years now, and has improved its performance, stability, and expressiveness in a variety of ways.
Most notably, he spent most of the past year helping design and lead the implementation of structural pattern matching, a major new feature arriving in Python 3.10.
When he’s not pushing new commits on GitHub as @brandtbucher, he spends most of his free time at coffee shops sipping dark roast espresso and reading nonfiction.

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